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Parklets Are Going Permanent - Nov. 1 Is Your Last Chance to Be Heard

three photos of alcohol litter and chaos--a half-built parklet, a pile of empty cans, and a dingy, loud party scene

As we have all noticed, the in-street bar and restaurant expansions--often called "parklets," though they are controlled by private businesses--have become ubiquitous in California cities. They were originally one of a number of emergency, COVID-deregulatory measures meant to keep small businesses afloat. The legislature, however, keeps extending them, and now the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) is being asked to create final rules for how parklets can be operated in perpetuity.

The public hearing regarding these final rules will be held TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 1, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS.

Any California resident is welcome to attend, in person at the ABC offices at 3927 Lennane Dr., Ste. 100, Sacramento (CLICK HERE FOR MAP) or via Zoom online conferencing. CLICK HERE TO RSVP FOR THE ZOOM HEARING.

If you cannot attend, you are also welcome to submit a written comment on or before November 1. EMAIL YOUR COMMENT DIRECTLY TO This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

We know the industry will be there--we need to count on people to drown them out.

We encourage anyone who has been affected negatively by the expansion to share those stories. In addition, Alcohol Justice will be addressing a few health and safety concerns in the bill, including:

* Does the operation of these "non-contiguous areas" affect public access to the sidewalk?

* Do they create noise and disruption for residents that was not present before they were approved?

* Is pedestrian, customer, bicyclist, disabled, and/or driver safety negatively affected by proximity to traffic or other fixed hazards?

* Do the expanded footprints still align with any conditions originally placed on that license, either by ABC or local approval processes?

* Are nearby residents and nearby business owners aware that they have a right to protest changed conditions, and that ABC has the power to modify conditions in response to changes to the physical space?

>>> READ MORE about possible concerns around expanded footprints in our FIELD GUIDE TO REGULATORY RELIEF.

We encourage attendees to respond in their own words and from their own experiences. Feel free to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have any questions about constructing your response.

Alcohol harm is on the rise in California. We were told parklets were a temporary, emergency action--when will helping those harmed or killed by alcohol use warrant its own emergency measures? 


VETO SB 793 - Bars Are Not Teen-Friendly

Gov. Newsom - VETO SB 793! Youth don't belong in bars!

a group of youth crowd the rail at a concert, looking enthusiasticSB 793 is another misguided alcohol-related bill from Sen. Scott Wiener (D-San Francisco). It creates a new alcohol license type for bars and clubs that present live music to encourage underage youth patrons.

Unfortunately it ignores data that shows environmental alcohol sales among underage and young adults are associated with increased alcohol-related harms and hospitalization, including physical assault and sexual assault. Moreover, even background alcohol advertising is shown to have a greater impact on youth desire to drink when tied to favored teams, activities... and bands.

Yes the bill will increase business for music venues, but at the expense of the health and safety of underage patrons. The bill lacks mandatory on-site security or any form of identifying underage people who will easily procure and consume alcohol among older patrons. Rather than bow to Big Alcohol's demands that its products be present at every event, we should deliver resources to make sure alcohol-free all-ages venues are commercially viable even against competition from bars and festivals.

SB 793 is a bad deal for California youth who will be victimized if this bill is allowed to become law. There are safer ways to create all-age music enjoyment than creating a new alcohol license type. Please VETO SB 793.

Enter your information below to TELL GOVERNOR NEWSOM to VETO SB 793, or TEXT "JUSTICE" to 313131.


three photos of alcohol litter and chaos--a half-built parklet, a pile of empty cans, and a dingy, loud party scene

Como nos hemos dado cuenta, los bares en las calles y expansión de restaurantes los llamados “parklets” aunque son controlados por negocios privados se han hecho muy visibles en ciudades a lo largo de California. Originalmente fueron uno de varias medidas regulatorias de emergencia para apoyar a que negocios se mantuvieran a flote durante la pandemia de COVID-19. Los legisladores por su lado continuaron extendiendo su uso y ahora se le ha pedida al Departamento de Bebidas Alcohólicas de California (ABC por sus siglas en ingles) que desarrolle reglas de como estos “parklets” pueden operar permanentemente.

El foro publicó sobre estas reglas finales se llevara acabo MARTES, 1ERO NOVEMBRE, de 10 a.m. a 2 p.m. HACER CLIC AQUI PARA VER MAS DETALLES

Cualquier residente de California puede asistir en persona en las oficinas de ABC localizado en: 3927 Lennane Dr., Ste. 100, Sacramento (HACER CLIC AQUI PARA VER MAPA) o puede conectarse por conferencia en línea en Zoom. HACER CLIC AQUI PARA REGISTRARSE PARA EL FORO

Si no puede asistir o conectarse virtualmente, es bienvenido a mandar sus comentarios por escrito el mismo día o antes del 1ero de Noviembre. PUEDE MANDAR SU COMENTARIO DIRECTAMENTE A: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Sabemos que la industria de cerveceros y de licores estará ahí – necesitamos contar con la gente para interrumpir su influencia.

Animamos a cualquiera que ha sido negativamente afectado por esta expansión a compartir esas historias. Adicionalmente, Alcohol Justice estará comunicando algunas preocupaciones relacionadas con la seguridad y salud pública que incluye lo siguiente:

* ¿Afectara esta expansión en estas áreas el acceso a las banquetas?
* ¿Crean ruido o interrupción a residentes que no existía antes de que fuera aprobada esta expansión?
* ¿Peatones, clientes, ciclistas, deshabilitados y/o la seguridad de conductores será afectado negativamente por la cercanía al tráfico y peligros de “parklets” fijos (estructuras, barreras de tráfico, sillas, mesas, etc)?
* Las condiciones y permisos original de las licencias para operar venta de alcohol en su establecimiento todavía se alinea con la expansión del negocio? sea (Otorgada por ABC o con aprobación de gobiernos locales)
* ¿Están al tanto los residentes o dueños de negocios cercanos que tienen el derecho a protestar cambios a las condiciones y que ABC tiene el poder de modificar las condiciones en respuesta a los cambios del espacio físico de un local?

Animamos a los que asistirán a responder en sus propias palabras y desde su propia experiencia. Con confianza siéntanse libres de comunicarse por This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. si tienen preguntas de como estructurar su respuesta.

Daños relacionados al alcohol están incrementando en California. ¿Se dijo que parklets eran temporal – cuando será razón para medidas de emergencia para ayudar a los que han sido impactados o han muerto por el Alcohol?

Call the Assembly TODAY about the 4 A.M. Bar Bill! UPDATE: SB 930 scheduled for vote on 8/24

Get on the Phone Now and Tell the CA Assembly: NO ON SB 930

Reducing Alcohol-Related Harm is More Important Than Increasing Alcohol Sales

At dawn, three adolescents cry near a car wreck as a police officer looks on

SB 930 is scheduled to go up for a vote on WEDNESDAY 8/24 on the floor of the Assembly. It is critical that Assemblymembers hear from you—IN PERSON—ASAP.

Please make a few calls for public health and safety! Tell the Assembly to VOTE NO on any extension of alcohol selling hours, they will only increase profits for businesses while harming more people in early morning commute times in communities surrounding the "pilot project" test cities. Those communities will have no "local control" and no part of the economic benefits that the bars and clubs selling the booze will have, just the costs of cleaning up the messes and burying the dead.

Who do I call?

Call any Assemblymember from the list below. These Assemblymembers have not yet committed to voting NO ON SB 930. Our electeds respond the most strongly to people who take the time to speak with their staff directly.

What do I say?

Be direct and forceful. We suggest the following:

"Hello, my name is [     FULL NAME       ].

I am a resident of [    CITY    ], calling as a concerned citizen to express my opposition to SB 930.

It will increase the harms and costs to the state, and those harms and costs won't stay limited to just the participating cities. I strongly oppose the bill and am urging the member to vote NO.  Thank you."

NOTE: If you are talking to the Assemblymember from the place that you live, make sure they know that. To see who your Assemblymember is, enter your address here.


Arambula, Joaquin                              916-319-2031

Bauer-Kahan, Rebecca                       916-319-2016

Berman, Marc                                     916-319-2024

Boerner Horvath, Tasha                      916-319-2076

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Mullin, Kevin                                       916-319-2022

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